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Full text of "Murderers Of Christ Fund Raising Letter"

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BCM Box 2293, 
BCM - Mono, 
London WC1N3XX. 

as dated, 

Please find enclosed our publication, The Murderers of Christ? We will be issuing a 
series of publications on the Jewish question including the alleged Jewish control of 
international communism, Jews in banking, and Holocaust Revisionism. Minimum 
subscription to our occasional pamphlets is £10 for six issues individuals, £15 for in- 
stitutions. Donations are always welcome. Please contact Rabbi Cohen for details of 
reproduction rights and bulk orders. 

yours faithfully, 
G. Lehrman, 
Commissioning Editor 


BCM Box 2293, 
BCM - Mono, 
London WC1N 3XX. 

I would like to make a donation to Anglo-Hebrew Publishing. I enclose a~ cheque for £ 

I would like to invest in Anglo-Hebrew Publishing under the Business Expansion Scheme 
(minimum £1,000). I enclose cheque: 

I would like further information. (Please give a contact telephone number): 

Cheques should be made payable to Anglo-Hebrew Publishing. (Please do not send cash through 
the post). 

'-■* '♦ -.V.^jj, 

51 ■-<